December 14 (Testimonies)

13:30-14:00 Registration


Inria: Welcome by Michel Cosnard

UPMC: Welcome by Serge Fdida

Jean-Marc Steyaert: Being 20 with Philippe

Maurice Nivat: Un savant modeste, Philippe Flajolet

Jean Vuillemin: Beginnings of Algo

Bruno Salvy: Life at Algo from 1988 on

Laure Reinhart: Philippe at the Helm of Rocquencourt Research Activities

Gérard Huet: Philippe and Linguistics

Marie Albenque, Lucas Gérin, Éric Fusy, Carine Pivoteau, Vlady Ravelomanana:
            Short Testimonies


Michèle Soria: Teaching with Philippe

Brigitte Vallée: Philippe and the  French “MathInfo” Interface

Brigitte Chauvin: the Alea Group

Robert Sedgewick:  Writing with Philippe

Hsien-Kuei Hwang: Overview of the Scientific Works

Wojciech Szpankowski: History of AofA

Conrado Martínez: Philippe Flajolet's Disciples around the World: the Barcelona Case

Mark Ward: Collected Papers

Cyril Banderier: Scientific Family Tree

Brigitte Vallée:  Philippe's Library

18:00-19:00  Official Event

Michel Cosnard (Chairman and CEO of Inria)

Philippe Taquet (Vice-president of the French Academy of Sciences)

Philippe Baptiste (Scientific Director of the INS2I Institute of the CNRS)

Jacques Stern (Adviser to the Minister of Higher Education and Research)

19:00- Cocktail

December 15 (Scientific Part 1)


    Robert Sedgewick. From Analysis of Algorithms to Analytic Combinatorics.

    Hsien-Kuei Hwang. The Ubiquitous Gaussian Limit Law in Analytic Combinatorics.

    Xavier Viennot. Combinatorial Aspects of Continued Fractions and Applications.


    Wojciech Szpankowski. Analytic Information Theory.

    Brigitte Vallée. Philippe Flajolet and Dynamical Combinatorics.

    Michael Drmota. Relations to Number Theory in Philippe Flajolet's Work.


    Luc Devroye. Random Trees in the Work of Philippe Flajolet.

    Nicolas Broutin. Philippe and the Height of Trees.

    Philippe Jacquet. Early works of Philippe Flajolet on protocols and telecommunication.

    Nicolas Pouyanne - Basile Morcrette. Pólya Urns: the Analytic Approach (part 1 & part 2).


    Jean-Marc Steyaert. Tree Rewriting Systems.

    Bruno Salvy. Philippe Flajolet and Symbolic Computation.

    Paul Zimmermann. Random Generation with Philippe Flajolet.

    Michèle Soria. Michèle Soria - Boltzmann Sampling and Simulation.

20:00- Dinner at the Moulin Vert.

December 16 (Scientific Part 2)


    Marc Noy. Planar Maps and Planar Configurations.

    Mireille Bousquet-Mélou. Lattice Walks Everywhere.

    Conrado Martínez. Search Trees.


    Cyril Nicaud - Frédérique Bassino. Inherent Ambiguity of Context-free Languages.

    Jérémie Lumbroso. How Philippe Flipped Coins to Count Data.

    Helmut Prodinger. Philippe Flajolet and the Register Function.


    Andrew Odlyzko. A Singular Mathematician and the Singularity Analysis of Generating Functions.

    Cyril Banderier - Guy Louchard. Philippe Flajolet’s Contributions on the Airy Distributions.

    Alfredo Viola. What do we Learn from the analysis of Hashing algorithm


    Philippe Dumas. Dr Flajolet's Elixir or Mellin Transform and Asymptotics.

    Mordecai Golin. Divide & Conquer Recurrences and The Mellin-Perron Formula.

    Pierre Nicodème. Text Analysis in the Work of Philippe Flajolet.

    Julien Clément - Mark Ward. The Digital Tree Process.

Complete version with abstracts here.