Monday, December 1st

  1. 09h00Welcome

  2. 09h30D. Knuth. Fun With the Hidden Weighted Bit Function.

  3. 10h00G. Schaeffer. Random Generation of Combinatorial Structures

  4. 10h30Break

  5. 11h00Y. Baryshnikov. Octic artic region and elliptic curves

  6. 11h30C. Banderier. Some articles that I could have written with Philippe

  7. 12h00Lunch

  8. 14h00M. Bousquet-Mélou. Prudent self-avoiding walks

  9. 14h30W. Szpankowski. Tries

  10. 15h00M. Drmota. Patterns in Random Trees

  11. 15h30Break

  12. 16h00J. Vuillemin. Efficient Data Structure and Algorithms for Sparse Binary Numbers, Sets and Predicates

  13. 16h30Ph. Chassaing. Ehrenfest-like urn models and population protocols

  14. 17h00Break

  15. 17h30H. Prodinger. Philippe Flajolet’s Influence on my own Research

  16. 18h00B. Chauvin. What kind of laws come from urns?

  17. 18h30Short Talks about PF by D. Perrin, J.-M. Steyaert and R. Sedgewick

Tuesday, December 2nd

  1. 09h00R. Sedgewick. Impatiemment attendu

  2. 09h30B. Vallée. Trees and Sources: a dynamical approach

  3. 10h00B. Salvy. Automatic Analysis of Combinatorial Structures, Old and New

  4. 10h30Break

  5. 11h00C. Martinez. The Hiring Problem and Permutations

  6. 11h30S. Janson. A divergent generating function, and how to (almost) find it analytically

  7. 12h00Lunch

  8. 14h30G. Fayolle. Stochastic deformation of curves, multi-type exclusion processes and hydrodynamic limits via ... Full version with movies here.

  9. 15h00Ph. Jacquet. Non Unitary Random Walks

  10. 15h30Break

  11. 16h00H.-K. Hwang. De-Poissonization via singularity analysis

  12. 16h30G. Louchard. Some Applications of the Saddle-Point Method

  13. 17h00Break

  14. 17h30N. Schabanel. On Stochastic Cellular Automata

  15. 18h00M. Noy. On the Structure of Random Planar Graphs