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Studies in Automatic Combinatorics

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Combinatorics meets computer algebra!

Here is a series of notes that describe interactions between combinatorial analysis, discrete mathematics, and computer algebra. They discuss combinatorial explorations using the Maple system for symbolic computation, in conjunction with packages like Combstruct, Gfun and Mgfun that are described under the topic Library.

The documents are mostly in the form of Maple Worksheets (mws), Postscript (ps) and Html (html) files.

These pages are maintained by Frédéric Chyzak, Philippe Flajolet, and Bruno Salvy.

Volume III (2001–2003)

Volume II (1997)

Volume I (1996)

Introductory worksheets

Contributed pages

We welcome contributed pages. We encourage authors to submit Maple worksheets using Combstruct, Gfun and/or Mgfun.

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