Aline Weitzman, Brandeis University, USA

Transformation of Parallel Programs Guided by Micro-Analysis

In this talk I provide a summary of the past work done at Brandeis in micro-analysis, and I outline some new research directions which will be the subject of my dissertation. My overall goal is to develop program manipulation and analysis tools which will help a user in transforming parallel programs so as to render them more efficient for execution in a variety of parallel machines. One of the original contributions of this work is in the usage of symbolic processing and constraint logic programming to analyse and manipulate parallel programs for parallel computers. In the talk I will provide: 1. a description of micro-analysis applicable to sequential programs, 2. micro-analysis approach for SIMD programs, 3. micro-analysis approach for MIMD programs, 4. automatic transformation scheme for translating SIMD programs to MIMD programs, guided by micro-analysis.