Séminaire du 20 octobre 03, Hà Lê.

Algorithms for the Construction of the Minimal Telescopers

Zeilberger's algorithm, also known as the method of creative telescoping, has been shown to be a very useful tool in a wide range of applications. These include finding closed forms of definite sums of hypergeometric terms, certifying large classes of identities in combinatorics and in the theory of special functions.

Despite the extensive work on the algorithm, there still exist many interesting problems arising out of the algorithm, and a number of them were not considered or solved in the ``classics''.

In this seminar, we address two key problems: (1) the limitations in the domain of applicability of Zeilberger's algorithm and (2) the efficiency of the algorithm. We present new algorithms which help solve or alleviate these problems.

Virginie Collette
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