Philippe Flajolet

and Analytic Combinatorics

Conference in the memory of Philippe Flajolet

Paris-Jussieu, 14-15-16 December 2011


This conference will pay homage to the man as well as the multi-faceted mathematician and computer-scientist.
It will also help more people understand his rich and varied work, through talks aimed at a large audience.

The first afternoon will be devoted to testimonies and official talks. The next two days will be dedicated to scientific talks. These talks are intended to people who want to learn about Philippe Flajolet’s work, and will be given mostly by co-authors of Philippe. In 30 minutes, they will give a pedagogical introduction to his work, identify his main ideas and contributions and possibly show their evolution.

Most of the talks will form a basis for an introduction to the corresponding chapter in Philippe Flajolet's collected works, to be edited soon.


Confirmed Speakers

Cyril Banderier

Frédérique Bassino

Mireille Bousquet-Mélou

Nicolas Broutin

Julien Clément
Luc Devroye

Michael Drmota

Philippe Dumas

Mordecai Golin
Hsien-Kuei Hwang
Philippe Jacquet
Jérémie Lumbroso

Guy Louchard

Conrado Martinez

Basile Morcrette

Cyril Nicaud

Pierre Nicodème

Marc Noy

Andrew Odlyzko

Nicolas Pouyanne

Helmut Prodinger

Bruno Salvy

Robert Sedgewick

Michèle Soria

Jean-Marc Steyaert

Wojciech Szpankowski

Brigitte Vallée

Xavier Viennot

Alfredo Viola

Marc Ward

Paul Zimmermann