ANALYTIC COMBINATORICS & ALGORITHMS. Philippe Flajolet, Course at MSRI, Berkeley, June 2004

Philippe Flajolet, Course at UC Berkeley, June 2004

Welcome to these pages! We are talking here of the Summer Graduate Programme of MSRI, specifically the two weeks course:

Plan of the course

Will be adjusted on-line depending... The topics will include:

Context and other lecturers

The director of the course is Wojtek Szpankowski, and there will be 10 hour sets of lectures given by him as well as by G. Seroussi and M. Weinberger. The other parts of the course should thus be expected to focus on topics related to data compression and information theory. In this context, I will cover the basic methodology underlying analytic methods and develop some relevant examples.


We shall mostly use (a small but significant subset of) the future book Analytic Combinatorics:

Other useful references are:

Computer algebra

This is a good way to get a hands on experience with generating functions, complex functions, and asymptotics, etc. I plan to suggest a few uses MAPLE for self-practice. Details will depend on interest and of participants and availability/quality of software environment.

Good Luck!