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ANALYTIC COMBINATORICS. This is a book by Flajolet and Sedgewick that has appeared in January 2009, published by Cambridge University Press: see the dedicated book page for details, contents, errata, and availability. We'll be glad to hear from you for technical comments, if you find major errors, and also if you're using this for teaching or research.

  • An Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms by Sedgewick and Flajolet is published by Addison Wesley (1996) and it has 512 pages (ISBN 0-201-4009-X).

  • Introduction a l'analyse des algorithmes by Sedgewick and Flajolet. This French translation of the English original by Cyril Chabaud is published by International Thomson Publishing France (1996) and it has 421 pages. (ISBN 2-84180-957-9).
  • There is also an authorized Chinese edition, dated 2006.

    Books edited (or co-edited)

  • Mathematics and Computer Science III: Algorithms, Trees, Combinatorics and Probabilities. Series: Trends in Mathematics (Mathematics, Computer Science). Edited by Drmota, M.; Flajolet, P.; Gardy, D.; Gittenberger, B. 2004, XV, 554 p., Hardcover ISBN: 3-7643-7128-5 A Birkhäuser book.
  • Mathematics and Computer Science II: Algorithms, Trees, Combinatorics and Probabilities. Brigitte, Chauvin, Philippe Flajolet, Danièle Gardy, A. Mokkadem (Editors). ISBN 3-7643-6933-7 (Published by Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel, 2002. Series: Trends in Mathematics. 560 pages. Hardcover). This represents the Proceedings of theColloquium held in Versailles, September 2002 under the same name as the book.

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