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Dear MSRI participant,

I'd like to announce a new service of great benefit to the combinatorics
community: the Combinatorics category (math.CO) of the xxx math e-print
archives.  I invite you to take a look at these archives

or at their home:

The xxx archive system has had an enormous impact on scholarly communication in
physics and in four areas of mathematics with older archives (alg-geom, dg-ga,
q-alg, funct-an).  The archive has over 60,000 physics e-prints, accruing at a
rate of 25,000 per year, and over 3,000 math e-prints.  A committee of
mathematicians (consisting of Joe Christy, David Morrison, Richard Palais, Jim
Stasheff, Mark Steinberger, myself, and others) has been formed to merge and
expand these archives to all areas of mathematics.  CO is part of this

The Combinatorics category could become as successful as the other
archives and categories at xxx, but it needs your participation.  Several dozen
prominent combinatorialists have already contributed a number of
interesting e-prints and check math.CO regularly.  I invite you to contribute
at least one work in combinatorics to learn the system.  Also, anything
you submit will make you more visibile in the combinatorics community.

To submit a paper to math.CO, you should first register by sending a message
(which can be empty) to with subject "register":

------cut here-------
Subject: register

------cut here-------

You can then complete registration on-line and proceed to the web
upload system at these two pages:

Abbreviated submission instructions are available at:

Finally, you can receive e-mail announcements of new CO e-prints by
sending a 1-line message to with subject "subscribe":

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